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Who counts as a full-time student?

Who counts as a full-time student?

The council tax rules say that you will count as a full-time student if:

    • you are undertaking a full-time programme of study, tuition or work experience at a recognised educational establishment (whether on campus or elsewhere)
    • of at least one academic year and;
    • which lasts at least 24 weeks in each academic or calendar year and;
    • which amounts to an average of at least 21 hours per week in each academic or calendar year (this does not mean 21 hours of supervised study – it can also include periods of study by yourself)

Until you complete, withdraw or are dismissed from your programme, you will remain a full-time student and will normally be exempt from paying council tax. How your student status affects the council tax bill for your dwelling depends on who else lives with you and on the status of any other residents. See the later section of this advice guide ‘How do my individual circumstances affect council tax?’ for more information.

For more information about the student exemption, see the Citizens Advice website.

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