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Disability reduction

Disability reduction

The basic amount of council tax charged on a dwelling may be reduced if a disabled person lives there, and either the dwelling has certain features that are essential or very important to the disabled person because of their disability, or the disabled person uses a wheelchair in the dwelling.

To qualify for a disability reduction, the dwelling must be the sole or main residence of at least one person with a disability, who does not need to be the person who is liable to pay the council tax, and who can be an adult or a child. To count as disabled for the purpose of the reduction, a person must be ‘substantially and permanently disabled’, meaning that a person with a learning difficulty or a mental health problem may qualify as well as a person with a physical disability.

If you wish to apply for a disability reduction, you or someone acting for you, must make a written application to the local authority for each financial year (April to March). You might be asked to provide medical evidence to support your application. You can also apply for backdated reductions for previous financial years, if the qualifying conditions were met. You should not have to provide any reasons for not applying earlier. If your request for backdating is refused on the grounds you cannot give reasons for not applying earlier, you may be able to complain or appeal (see the later ‘Council Tax Disputes’ section). Contact a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service if you need help doing this.

If a disability reduction is awarded, the liable person’s council tax bill is reduced to that of a dwelling in the valuation band immediately below the band to which the dwelling has been allocated on the valuation list.

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