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Which type of childcare do you need

Which type of childcare do you need?

There are many different possibilities for childcare including a nursery, childminder, nanny, au pair or relative.

Thinking through the following questions will help you to decide what type of childcare is most suitable for your child:

  • Do you want your child to be looked after as part of a group? If so, what size: in a family type setting, or one to one?
  • How many hours of childcare do you need each week?
  • Do you need childcare in the vacations? Most nurseries expect you to pay for 51 weeks a year.
  • How much can you afford to pay? Will you be entitled to any help, such as the Childcare Grant, a Parent’s Learning Allowance or the University Financial Assistance Fund?
  • Do you want the childcare to be near your home or near university?
  • After you have chosen what type of childcare you want, visit as many providers as possible. Prepare some questions to ask and make notes while you are there. Go back and visit again if you feel you need to.

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