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What to look for

What to look for

A good childcare setting should provide facilities over a wide and balanced programme to promote the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and cultural development of children. Children learn through play.

The setting should offer a wide range of play activities such as:

  • Messy play - sand, water, paint, glue, play dough, modelling, etc.
  • Manipulative play - puzzles, sewing, threading, shapes, building bricks, etc.
  • Home corner - dressing up, shops, cooking, hospital, etc.
  • Quiet corner – books and quiet games
  • Physical play - indoors and out, music and movement, sit and ride toys, climbing frame, skipping, hoops, trips to local parks
  • Conversation, songs, dancing, opportunities for the children to learn self-expression

Boys and girls should be equally encouraged to use the equipment. Obviously, depending on the size of the setting, these things may not all be on view. Ask what activities are provided. Although not all settings are able to cater for children with special needs, there should be opportunities for the children to learn about and be aware of these through books, toys etc.

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