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Registered childcare

Registered childcare

Except for nannies, au pairs and close relatives, all providers of childcare for children under 8 years of age must be registered by Ofsted. This applies to any provider working for more than two hours per day on more than six days in the year. Therefore, if your child is going to be looked after by a childminder outside your own home, they should be registered unless they are a close relative.


Always ask to see a registration certificate and/or contact your local Family Information Service  for a list of locally registered childcare providers 


Registration is usually renewed every year, and involves taking references (including police checks), thorough hygiene and safety checks of the premises and equipment, and an assessment of the childminder. An important part of the assessment is the childminder’s policies and attitude on providing an appropriate setting, which will respect the differences of children and their families with regard to culture, religion, race, gender, language and disability. The registration officer will check their knowledge of children’s development, their experience of caring for children, and their relevant qualifications.

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