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FAF for postgraduate Students

FAF for postgraduate Students

As a postgraduate student, you must show that you can pay your tuition fees and that you have made reasonable provision to cover your living costs for you and any dependents before you apply to this fund.

You may apply to the FAF for help towards childcare costs, but the full cost of childcare cannot be met by the fund. You must make sure that you have made adequate provision to meet the costs of your course and have funding to pay for your childcare before you start your course, as any help that you receive will be limited.

You can apply for a non-standard award for help with a sudden financial emergency or special circumstances or costs that other students might not have, which are causing you financial difficulties. You need to explain these in the Personal Statement in Section 10 of the application form. If you need help with your application, contact a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service who can help you to explain your circumstances and the financial help you need. You do not have to repay this help.

You can apply in each year of your programme if you have an unforeseen financial emergency, and more than once each year if you need to.

The fund cannot pay tuition fees.

You can get an application form and more information from the Student Enquiry Centre (Room CB2, Queens’ Building, Mile End campus), the Advice and Counselling Service, the Students’ Union, and the Student Office at Whitechapel. Or download a form from:

If you would like help applying, especially if you think you have special circumstances, see a Welfare Adviser at the Advice and Counselling Service before you submit your application.

Even if you have unexpected financial hardship, you need to show you had previously made reasonable provision to cover your living costs and tuition fees for you and any dependents for the duration of your course.

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