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Childcare Grant

Childcare Grant (CCG)

If you are a ‘home’ undergraduate with dependent children and you are a lone parent or have a partner on a low income, apply for help with your childcare costs from Student Finance England (SFE). You do not have to repay this money. Please note, if you have a partner the income thresholds for the CCG are lower than for the maintenance loan and grant. The amount you get depends on your household income.

The Childcare Grant can only pay for registered or approved childcare, which may not include childcare by nannies, au pairs and close relatives, even if registered as childminders. However, nannies may be able to apply to become Ofsted registered and relatives who are registered childminders may qualify if they also look after other children on a full time basis.

The childcare grant helps with the cost of registered or approved childcare if you have at least one dependent child aged under 15 or under 17 and registered as having special educational needs, and in registered or approved childcare.

It pays 85% of your childcare costs, up to a maximum weekly grant of £164.70 for one child (85% of approximately £193.76 actual childcare costs), or £282.36 for two or more children (85% of £332.18 actual childcare costs).

You need to include details of your dependent children in the relevant section of your main Student Finance application. Student Finance England should then send you a CCG1 form, or you can download this and send it in yourself here

The CCG1 form is for you to estimate your childcare costs so that your Childcare Grant can be assessed. It is paid into your bank account in three instalments at the start of each semester.

After your first instalment has been paid, Student Finance England will send you another form, called the CCG2. This process happens three times in each academic year, usually near the end of each semester. On this form, you and your childcare provider must confirm what your actual childcare costs were for the relevant period. If the actual amount is different from the amount you estimated in your initial application, SFE will reduce or increase your next instalment of Childcare Grant accordingly. To avoid having to repay anything it’s important to give a realistic childcare cost estimate on your CCG1 form. If you do not return the completed CCG2 form to Student Finance England on time, your next instalment of Childcare Grant is likely to be stopped.

If you are asked to repay any overpayment of Childcare Grant, and to do so would cause you financial hardship, get advice from a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service.

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