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Variation of an existing immigration application

I am in a position to make a new immigration application (I have been issued a new CAS), but the Home Office has not yet made a decision on my existing immigration application. What can I do?

Varying your application

If you have made an immigration application to undertake a short period of studies it is possible that the Home Office may not have made a decision on that application before you are able to make a new application for your next period of studies. If this happens it is possible to ask the Home Office to decide your application on the basis of your new studies.

Why would you want to do this?

  • If you vary your application you will be able to enroll as soon as you have submitted your variation – you will not need to wait for the Home Office to make a decision on your previous immigration application.
  • You will only be asking the Home Office for one immigration decision – this means that you will only pay the fee for one immigration application.


Step 1: Notifying the Home Office

Before proceeding a Welfare Adviser will contact the Home Office to notify them that you intend to vary your immigration application. Please e-mail with the following:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to ask you to contact the Home Office to notify them that, if a decision has not been made on my existing immigration application, I now intend to vary that application for my next program of studies.

Please ask the Home Office to confirm if a decision has been made on my application.

If a decision has not been made, please ask the Home Office to defer making a decision until they have received the variation of my application.

The details of my existing application are:
  • First/given name(s): [Your first/given name(s)]
  • Family/surname(s): [Your family/surname(s)]
  • Passport number: [Your passport number]
  • Nationality: [Your nationality]
  • Date of Birth: [Your date of birth]
  • Application reference: [Your application reference - this can be found on the barcode on your covering letter]
I look forward to your response

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]

[Your student number]

Replace the text in [square brackets] with your information.

A Welfare Adviser will contact the Home Office and ask them about your application. This could take up to one week.

If the Home Office has not made a decision on your application and agree to defer making a decision, you will need to prepare and submit your variation (see below).

If the Home Office has made a decision or does not agree to defer making a decision, you will need to wait until you have received your documents and new BRP and then Submit a new immigration application (see our Tier 4 guidance).

Step 2: Submitting your variation

To vary your application you will need the following:

  • Your new CAS reference number
  • Any certificates or transcripts listed on your CAS statement, which are not already at the Home Office
  • Financial evidence that shows that you have held the required amount of money for at least 28 days before submitting your variation application
  • One passport sized photo

You will need to complete and pay for a new online Tier 4 application form. You will receive a refund of the fee for your first immigration application - this will be refunded to the debit or credit card you used to pay the fee. This could take a few weeks.

When completing your application, you will need to explain that your passport and your BRP (if you had been issued a BRP) are already with UK V and I (the Home Office):

Image of the Tier 4 application form

When you have submitted your online application form and you are ready to send your supporting documents to the Home Office, we recommend that you include a covering letter to make it very clear that your application is a variation. You can use this template: Variation cover letter.docx [DOC 11KB].


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