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The application I made in the UK has been returned to me as invalid

The application I made in the UK has been returned to me as invalid. What should I do?

To be valid, your application must include your passport and your photos in the correct format, your Biometric Residence Permit if you have one, and a Police Registration Certificate if you are required to have one. You must also attend your Biometrics appointment and pay the application fee to make your application valid.

If your application is invalid, the Home Office will send you a letter telling you why your application was invalid. Your application fee will be refunded to the payment card you used for your application (minus a £25 administrative fee). If you still have valid immigration permission, you may be able to make a new application before your permission expires. 

If your application is returned as invalid, you should contact the Advice and Counselling Service or another regulated immigration adviser urgently for advice.

If your application has been incorrectly returned as invalid

If your application is returned as invalid, but the reason given is not correct or not clear, you can contact the Advice and Counselling Service and we may be able to seek clarification from the Home Office.

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