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Appendix 1 – Refusal documents checklist

Appendix 1 – Refusal documents checklist

If you have had an immigration refusal and are seeking advice from the Advice and Counselling Service or another regulated immigration adviser, you should try to prepare the documents below. Your adviser will need these documents and information to be able to properly advise you. If some of these documents are not available or would take you some time to obtain, we recommend that you don’t wait for them before seeking advice. It may take an adviser some time to obtain advice and you should be mindful of your deadlines (see the section “Deadlines”)

  • Your full refusal notice (all pages) - if this does not state the date on which you submitted your online Tier 4 application, please also tell us this date in your email 
  • Your application form (all pages)
  • Copies of any supporting evidence you provided with your application (e.g. bank statements, certificates)
  • Your CAS statement (including confirmation of any ‘sponsor notes’ added)
  • The envelope in which you received the notification of your visa refusal (if you are in the UK)
  • Transcripts of any interviews
  • Your UK travel history including:
    • Dates and time
    • The carrier
    • Flight number
    • The country you travelled to/from outside of the UK
    • The airport, seaport or station you travelled to/from inside of the UK (including, if applicable, the terminal number)
  • Your UK immigration history including:
    • Type of immigration applied for
    • Date of application
    • Valid from and to dates
    • Place where you submitted your application
    • Details of any refusals
  • Your UK study history including:
    • Name of course
    • Course provider
    • Level of course (e.g. A-level, BSc, MSc)
    • Start and end dates of course
    • Did you complete the course?
    • Did you repeat any parts of your course or take any interruptions?

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