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If you are unwell or otherwise unable to sit your exams, submit coursework or meet academic deadlines, you may wish to use QMUL's ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ process.

The Advice and Counselling Service publishes a detailed advice guide on Extenuating Circumstances which explains:

  • What are Extenuating Circumstances?
  • What is the ‘Fit to sit’ policy?
  • How do I make an Extenuating Circumstances claim?
  • What documentation do I need?

Read the Extenuating Circumstances Advice Guide here:

Extenuating Circumstances

For medically related extenuating circumstances claims (including mental health and emotional wellbeing) you normally need to provide documentation from a doctor or other health professional rather than from the Advice and Counselling Service at QMUL.  The advice guide mentioned above has all the information you need about what your documents need to include and who should provide them.  

However, you are welcome to contact the Advice and Counselling Service if you would like professional support with any personal, emotional, financial or other welfare issues that might have contributed to your extenuating circumstances claim, but if you are thinking of contacting us purely to obtain documentation for your claim, we will not be able to provide this.

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