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Being a student is often the first time drugs and alcohol have been available to you. These are resources to help you keep safe and make your own decisions. 

Where to get help

The Advice and Counselling Service is working in partnership with RESET, Tower Hamlets Drug and Alcohol Service, to provide QMUL students who are resident in Tower Hamlets with specialist one to one support for drug and alcohol issues here at the Mile End campus. Click here for more details.

Frank provides detailed information about a wide range of drugs including pictures of what they look like, the chances of getting addicted, their effects on the body and their legal status. They also provide information if you are worried about someone and they give a list of services available in your area. They give advice on what to do and examples of excuses, if you are feeling pressured into taking drugs. Confidential 24hr helpline 0300 123 6600.

Lifeline is for young people in Tower Hamlets who are using drugs and alcohol. Free, confidential advice and information for young people up to 25 using drugs and alcohol. You can refer yourself to the service by calling 020 3069 7878 (Mon to Fri 9.30am to 5pm). 

Reset is an integrated service which provides drug and alcohol treatment to Tower Hamlets residents aged 18 or over and support to family and friends who are concerned about someone’s drug and/or alcohol use.

Drug and Alcohol Service for London (DASL) provides free, confidential services for those who live and work in the borough of Newham. Services include counselling, drug programmes and alcohol detoxification support.

Further resources

Drinks Meter is an anonymous web and smartphone app that lets you compare your drinking to others, it calculates the calories you are drinking and it gives you personalised and objective feedback on your drinking. It's not just about how much you are drinking, it's about how alcohol might be impacting on you and what else is going on in your life. 

Drugs Meter is an anonymous web and smartphone app that lets you compare your drug use to others. All data is anonymous, secure and cannot be traced back to any individual - making it a safe place to find out more about your drug use.

The Site is designed for 18-25 year olds and provides a wealth of information on the effects of different drugs on the mind and body. They include information on how to reduce the risks, deal with come downs and get help for coping with addictions. The Site also provides advice on responsible drinking and caring for friends who are drunk.

Drink Aware provides information on the effects of alcohol and a drinking self-assessment tool. They also have hints and tips how to look after yourself on a night out.

Release provides information and advice on drugs and the law.

Al-Anon is for family and friends of alcoholics. Their groups and helpline provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else's drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not. You can also listen to podcasts in which different people talk about their experiences of growing up or being in a relationship with an alcoholic. 

The National Association for the Children of Alcoholics offers useful advice on managing with parents who are alcoholics and information on how alcoholism can affect the family. They also have a confidential helpline and email address.

Families Anonymous is a worldwide organisation which aims to help family and friends of people with a current or former drug problem through regular group meetings.

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