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Advice and Counselling Service

Our services

The Advice and Counselling Service is available and offering an adapted service during coronavirus.

Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment with a counsellor.

Counsellors are currently offering online appointments via MS Teams, support phone calls on Teams, and some face-to-face appointments (distanced with masks) as necessary.

If you are currently living outside the UK, we are offering wellbeing checks and shorter support calls via MS Teams. You will need to provide an emergency contact within your country.

Individual counselling

Counselling is a kind of ‘talking therapy’ which helps people to make changes to improve their quality of life. It involves having a face to face conversation with a trained and experienced practitioner in a confidential, non-judgemental setting. A counsellor will use their skills to help you to explore the difficulties you are experiencing, to make sense of the reasons why you are struggling and to think about what might help. We offer short term counselling, and if it becomes clear that you need more than this, or a different kind of treatment, we will support you in finding this.

Cognitive Behavioural informed therapies

These therapies are active, problem-solving approaches to psychological problems. They are based on the idea that our feelings, thoughts and actions are all interconnected and are related to the context we live in. Therefore, making changes in any one of these areas can have an impact on the remaining areas. We normally offer short term therapies, and if it becomes clear that you need more than this, or a different kind of treatment, we will will support you in finding this.

Group therapy

Therapy takes place in a group of between 4–7 people, including the group therapist. The groups are open-ended and people can remain in the group for as long as it seems useful to them, whilst a student at Queen Mary. Therapy groups provide the opportunity to develop trust and gain insights into patterns of behaviour which can then be modified over time and have positive impact on relationships outside the group. At the moment, our group therapy sessions take place online.

Psychiatry clinic

Where a counsellor feels that there may be a diagnosable mental health difficulty which may require a referral for specialist NHS treatment or medication they can arrange for a psychiatric assessment within the service and will normally also make a referral to the Mental Health Co-ordinator who can provide support aimed to minimise the impact of any on-going difficulties on academic performance. Our psychiatric appointments are currently taking place online.

Drug and Alcohol Clinic

This is a specialist weekly clinic offering individual appointments to students who want support around reduction, help with changing habits or coping with change, and information about specific substances and their harms.

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