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Application process before you travel

You apply online and can attend an appointment at any British Visa Application Centre or section overseas. You cannot apply in the UK. 

You can find the Home Office directory of Visa Application Centres here:

The current application fee in local currency is £97

You apply online, except if you are in North Korea. Apply online on the web page: 

See 'Tips on completing the Short-term Student immigration application form' for answers to common questions about completing the application form.

As part of the application, you need to give your biometric details at a Visa Application Centre, Section or other facility. The staff there will scan your fingerprints and take a digital photograph of your face. Your application will be processed after you have given your biometric details.

For more information about Visa Application Centres in your country, see

You can apply up to three months before the date of your intended to travel to the UK. It is a good idea to apply as early as possible within this time frame because it can sometimes take a long time for visa applications to be decided, especially during the busy Summer period. 

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