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  • If you feel that you are being harassed by another student and you would like help from QMUL to address this, you are encouraged to talk to a staff member in your academic school or institute in the first instance. This might be a Student Support Officer, your personal tutor / adviser or your head of school / institute. If the harassment is occurring in a central QMUL service e.g. Residences, you should speak to the staff member responsible for that particular service. It may be that the problem can be sorted out informally through this route.  If this does not remedy the problem, you may wish to take more formal action by making an allegation of misconduct under the College's Code of Student Discipline [PDF 455KB]. See paragraph 57 onwards. If you would like advice about this process, please contact the Academic Advice Service in the Students Union.
  • You might also want to report the harassment to the police, so that it can be formally investigated.  You can do this at your local police station, or by calling the police non-emergency number 101 (in an emergency call 999) or by contacting the local Tower Hamlets Hate Crime Team on 020 7364 6120/6105 or email:
  •  You can also use the above police and Tower Hamlets contacts to report harassment anonymously if you prefer.  Anonymous reporting means that the information you provide wil be used for monitoring purposes (monitoring how many harassment issues are taking place in certain areas) and also may lead to patrols or surveillance in areas where there are lots of reports.

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